About Us



Emmy is a Grade 12 student at BSS. She is the Co-Head of the Pride Committee, GSA and a member of many other diversity, equity and inclusion-related clubs and committees. Emmy strives to carry on building a world where true equity, diversity and inclusion is as common as the cold. She is passionate about tea and dogs.

Xin Ran


Xin Ran is a Grade 12 student at BSS and she’s the Co-founder/Co-head of the Asian Student Union. She loves rambling about politics, philosophy and film and likes to play guitar, bake and run in her free time.



Jac is a Grade 11 student at BSS and is an ambassador and a member of the Black Student Union. She is very passionate about equality and talking about current world issues such as politics and human rights. In her free time she likes to sing, play piano and rock climb.



Naila is a Grade 11 student at BSS and the Co-Head of the Global Awareness Council. When she’s not debating global issues, Naila enjoys a good run, human-interest journalism, and science. She is passionate about technology and what it can do to make our world a better place.



Danni is a grade 12 student at BSS and is the co-head of the Mental Health Council as well as a proud member of the Student Diversity Leadership Council and the Black Student Union. In her free time she loves to bake, talk politics with anyone who will listen and play with her 2 adorable dogs.



Mofe is a Grade 11 student at BSS. She is the co-head of the Black Student Union and has led microaggression workshops in the middle school for three years. Mofe is very passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion work as well as gaining new, worldly perspectives.



Lauren is a Grade 10 student at BSS. She strongly believes in the power of youth to change the world, and is really excited to see what changes this conference brings about. When she’s not discussing a range of topics with whoever’s around, she’s very involved in the performing arts.



Milena is a Grade 12 student at BSS. She was Co-Head of the Global Awareness council in Grade 11, and is currently a Grade 9 Mentor. Committed to inclusion and awareness, she has also written and illustrated her own childrens’ book about the diversity of food. Milena is passionate about politics, painting and cooking.



Abbey is a grade 12 student at BSS and a member of GSA and pride committee. Abbey has recently found a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion work. Although she still has a lot to learn, she is committed to creating change in her communities. She enjoys acting, video games, and playing in the Canadian snow with her dog.



Sophie is a grade 9 student at bss who is inspired to be a young advocate for diversity among everyone. She hopes to stay in the council for the next many years. In her free time she enjoys dancing and playing with her dog Chloe.