Student Conduct Policy

Please note the code of conduct and expectations for student engagement

(Found in the YouBelong permission form which must be submitted to our email)

Our goal is to create a brave space where we can foster conversations and community for and by everyone. We expect that you will take this unique opportunity seriously. These basic rules, extrapolated from those designed by students at the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, are required agreements governing your participation in our YouBelong Summit. They are listed below:

  1. Students will show up, on time, with cameras on and mics off for all workshops and sessions that they have signed up to attend.

  2. The messaging feature on devices, cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices are to be turned off during all conference sessions. Students should be using laptops or computers and be seated at a desk or table.

  3. Chat functions in all sessions will be used appropriately and according to the requests of the facilitator.

  4. Respect for the views of peers and the guidance of conference faculty and facilitators is expected.

  5. Adherence to community norms and the safeguarding of a sense of community is expected and will enhance conference participation for all. There should be no recording, screen captures or other permanent documentation at any time for any reason, to maintain confidentiality and the integrity of the sessions.

  6. Students and adults who are not registered for the YouBelong Summit may not attend any events and may not socialize at on the virtual site.

Please also note, student attire and backgrounds should be presentable and not represent any offensive language, graphics or themes.

All students who participate will have a staff supervisor on hand for support during the day and access to continued support after the event. Should there be a breach of conduct, you may receive a warning or we will liaise with your supervising teacher to determine the next course of action.