How can I register for YouBelong?

Registration is scheduled to open February 18, 2022.

What is the cost of attending the summit?

There is no cost to attend.

What’s the registration deadline?

Registration will close on March 28, 2022.

Which schools are invited to the summit?

All Canadian independent schools (CIS members)

How do I attend the summit?

Virtual meet links will be sent to you and your school. Please ensure you have downloaded Zoom to your computer.

What age group is the summit designed for?

The YouBelong Summit is open to students from Grades 9-12. Students should have at least one teacher or counsellor on call during the conference.

Is there a cap on attendees?

There is now a cap of 8 students per school. We would like to emphasise that this summit is for students who are ready and seeking to engage in conversations of equity and justice. We especially encourage students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to attend.